An engaged couple handle a lot of details and have a lot of decisions to make when planning their wedding.  One of the lesser-known about details is the music. Here are some of the most asked questions ~

How much music is played?

The general order of music before, during, and after the ceremony is as follows:

  • Prelude (the music prior to when the mothers/wedding party/bride walks down the aisle; this is the gathering “mood music”)
  • Mother’s Entrance (this is when the mothers of the bride and groom walk down the aisle and are seated; if you are having a unity candle ceremony, instead of being seated right away, this is when the mothers light the candles on either side of the unity candle)
  • Wedding Party Entrance (the music the bridesmaids/flower children/ring bearers walk down the aisle to)
  • Bride’s Entrance (a special song just for the bride to let everyone know that she is making her entrance)
  • Unity Candle (music played during the lighting of the unity candle by the bride and groom after they’ve taken their vows and exchanged rings)
  • Recessional (the song played when the ceremony has concluded and the happy couple is walking down the aisle)
  • Postlude (“filler music” while the guests are leaving the ceremony space)
  • Does the bride have to have her own special entrance song?

No.  Although most brides enjoy the tradition and attention of the song change signaling her appearance, some brides prefer not to have a special entrance song. In this case, the music played during the wedding party’s entrance continues.

What musical styles/songs are standard for weddings?

The most common musical genre played for weddings is classical.  I specialize in classical music as well as Celtic and New Age (which is also very popular).

Some “standard wedding repertoire” includes (but isn’t limited to) the following (click on the title to listen):

  • The above list is classical. Being of Celtic ancestry (Scottish & Irish, mainly), here are a few Celtic and New Age musical selections (click on the title to listen):
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